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Welcome to NMG Computers Screen Connect service.


By entering your invitation code and clicking join to initiate our NMG Computers Screen Connect Service,
you are aggreeing to our terms and conditions which can be found further down on this page.

What is NMG Computers Screen Connect?

NMG Computers Screen Connect gives you the opportunity to have your computer repaired in the comfort of your own home. Why waste time dragging your computer to our repair shop or wait for one of our technician to come to your place, all at a more affordable price with no call out fees. With your permission we can take control of your computer and by viewing your screen we can repair most faults that you may be experiencing.

There is no risk of NMG Computers technicians accessing your computer when you don’t want us to – so you have the final say.

Just to make sure that you know this process is very secure, we would like to highlight a common scam that is around at the moment and explain what is it that we do. Some people these days are unfortunately targeted by scam artists that tell people that their computer is infected, and that they are from some business, or even Microsoft, who can help you out by following their instructions. They are not there to help you but to take your money unlawfully. THIS IS NOT WHAT NMG COMPUTERS DO.

With your permission, you grant NMG Computers access your computer and allow us to view your screen to help you with your particular problem. We are a reputable local business located in Reedy Creek on the Gold Coast and we have no business in unlawfully looking at your computer without your permission or stealing your hard earned money.

NMG Computers Screen Connect service is very popular and provides us with yet another tool to assist our clients in rectifying their computer problems. You give us the permission to access your computer and you have the ability to terminate the connection. We’ve been using this service for some time now with great success to our home and business clients who are time short and need things fixed promptly and properly.

If you are require NMG Computers Screen Connect service you will be required to call us on 07 5559 5400 to arrange a suitable time and receive an invitation code. You are required to read and agree to the terms and conditions below before initiating the remote connection.

If you have any questions about our Screen Connect service then please contact us any time. View our contact us page here.

Remote Support Terms and Conditions
Whilst we endeavour to take all due care in the use of your computer, NMG Computers cannot guarantee this service will resolve the IT problem or that the attempt to resolve technical issues will not cause additional problems requiring an onsite or back-to-base support call.  NMG Computers is not liable for any consequential damages and it is the client’s responsibility to backup all applications and data prior to the remote support session.
Please close any personal or confidential information on your screen, as the technician will be viewing your desktop.
By using this Screen Connect Service you understand that:
• All Screen Connect services and software provided "as is" and at customers sole risk.
• You are responsible for the backup of your data and applications.
• NMG Computers is not liable for consequential damages of any kind.
• Your Credit Card details will be required prior to commencement of the Screen Connect Service.
• You agree that your Credit Card will be charged at the conclusion of the Screen Connect Service for the full amount of the Service.
• If the remote service is not successful NMG Computers may, at their discretion, decides to waive the remote support service charge.

The Software…
NMG Computers uses the software ‘Screen Connect’ to provide remote assistance and technical support.  Features of this software include:
• Easy to use and totally secure. You are in full control and can end the session at any time.
• Ability to diagnose and resolve problems remotely.
• Allow your support representative to view or control your desktop.
• Upon connection acceptance a small file will be downloaded to your computer to enable the remote support to be initiated.
• Transfer files and support programs via direct transfer to or from the support representative.
• Once the session is complete a client executable completely removes all files and programs from the from your computer, so you can breathe easy and trust there are no "back doors."

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