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Here at NMG Computers we are dedicated to helping people with their computer problems. Unlike most computer repair shops, the staff at NMG Computers not only listen but explain the fault or repair in plain english, yes you heard right “plain english”.

NMG Computers repair all makes and brands of computers and laptops at affordable prices. We offer an honest and reliable service with suggestions and tips about their computer.

The staff at NMG Computers believe it is the simple things in life that make the biggest difference, with this in mind we always are here to assist in your computering needs.

What kind of repairs do we do? Here are some examples:

  • Replace hard drives in towers and laptops
  • Replace laptop screens
  • Remove viruses from towers and laptops
  • Fix small nigling problems with Windows
  • Upgrade memory (RAM)
  • Repair computers that will not turn on
  • Install new parts like RAM, video cards, hard drives, dvd burners and blu ray drives
  • Make computers run and respond faster
  • Fix towers and laptops that will not connect to the internet
  • Email sending and receiving problems