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Our mobile technicians can come to you

Prompt friendly service

Skilled technicians

Book atime that suits you

Onsite or Workshop

NO Call Out FEE

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Repairs, Servicing, Maintenance and Upgrades to ALL makes and models

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Yes! we can look after all your Apple Mac needs

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Professional and affordable repairs to ALL computer makes and models

Don't risk it yourself

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NMG Computers has 3 words for you:
Backup, Backup, Backup.

Full range of backup solutions available
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NMG Computers has been keeping Gold Coast computers healthy since 1998

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Don't be a victim. If in doubt call NMG Computers 5559 5400

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Let NMG Computers take the frustration away

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Making seniors computing experience enjoyable

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We can help with your decision making

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All types on computer screen repairs

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New and Used Computers and Laptops

NMG Computers have been building desktop New Computers since 1998. In fact, we build anywhere between 2 and 6 computers a week. So, we know a thing or two about the build quality and expectations our clients require. From the initial discussion to the final onsite install we liaise closely with all customers to ensure the build and configuration is right for them.

NMG Computers agrees, change is painful so we endeavour to configure your New Computer as similar as possible to your Old Computer, this takes away a lot of frustration. 

The New Computer process is simple for us but can be anxious for you. Firstly we will consult with you on your needs and wants.   A quote will be then put forward to you and we will discuss this and tweak if necessary. Once the computer specifications are decided we will build the computer and then transfer all your data and configure the software for ease of use. Finally we will bring the computer to you and set it up onsite, connecting your internet, emails, printer, scanners, specific software, etc.

With no stone unturned the New Computer experience with NMG computers is something special.

Computer Repairs and Servicing

NMG Computers have been doing quality affordable computer repairs since 1998. We have repaired and services in excess off 1 million computers.

NMG Computers specialise in computer all makes and models including Mac.

Over the years we have experienced people trying to do their own repairs or servicing to save a dollar. Many times this ends up in tears with loss of data and further damage or issues than in the beginning. Don’t risk it just to save a few dollars your memories and essential data are worth much more than that.

Data Backup

Most people keep their life on their computer including irreplaceable photos and memories, important documents, emails, family history, etc, etc.

Today’s technology, albeit great, the risk of loss of data is greater than ever. The super-fast SSD Hard Drives allows us to enjoy a fast computing experience but comes with risks. SSD Hard Drives are chip based with no moving parts, once they fail they fail with little or no chance of retrieving anything.

NMG Computers has a full range of Backup Solution. The automated solutions are much more affordable than you think starting at just $69.00. NMG Computers also have small business covered with a range of backup options to suit their business model. With both local, onsite and cloud options available NMG computers has your backup needs covered.

NMG Computers has 3 words for you